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IBM Watson is a cognitive system that enables a new partnership between people and computers that enhances and scales human expertise.

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  • ID
    The unique identifier for this tweet.
    Created At
    UTC time when the tweet was created.
    The text of the status update, typically up to 140 characters.
    When present, indicates a BCP 47 language identifier corresponding to the language of the Tweet text.
    The user who posted this tweet.
  • New Status

    Triggers on new tweets matching the specified phrases.

  • Post a Tweet

    Posts a new tweet.

  • Reply

    Posts a reply to the selected tweet.

  • Retweet

  • Favorite


  • ID
    The unique identifier for this user.
    Screen Name
    The screen name, handle, or alias that this user identifies themselves with.
    The name of the user, as they’ve defined it.
    Followers Count
    The number of followers this account currently has.
    Profile Image URL
    URL pointing to the user’s avatar image.
    Is Verified
    Indicates whether the user has a verified account.
    Created At
    The UTC datetime that the user account was created.
  • New Follower

    Triggers when the selected account has a new Twitter follower.


  • Labels
  • Classify an Image

    Analyses the given image and returns a list of applicable labels.


  • Combine to Transcript

    This pipe combines two audio speakers’s channels to a single transcript. This pipe is useful if you have a two-person conversation where each peson’s voice is in a separate file or audio channel. You can split a two-channel audio with a Transcode an Audio pipe from our Transode channel. This pipe will combine the word timestamps from two Speech To Text pipes in a single transcript.

  • Speech To Text

    Uses IBM Watson to transcribe an audio recording. You may have to change the audio recognition model if your recording is narrowband, for example if you have 8000Hz phone recording.


  • Extract Keywords

  • Extract Sentiment