Text and natural language processing, including word and sentence tokenization, text classification and sentiment analysis, spelling correction, information extraction, and more.

Xero online accounting software for business. Web based system for invoicing/billing, accounts payable, bank reconciliation and bookkeeping.

generic tier-2
accounting tier-2


  • Apply Regular Expression

    Apply a regular expression on a text.

    You can use Pythex to test your regular expression.

  • Find All Matches to a Regex

    Apply a regular expression on a text and return all non-overlapping matches of the regex.

    You can use Pythex to test your regular expression.


  • Text
    The text to analyse.
    The sentiment polarity.
    The sentiment strength.
    The detected language that the source text was written in.
  • Extract Sentiment

    Extract positive/negative sentiment from the given some text.


  • ID
    Contact Number
    Account Number
    Contact Status
    First Name
    Last Name
    Email Address
    Skype User Name
    Bank Account Details
    Tax Number
    Accounts Receivable Tax Type
    Accounts Payable Tax Type
    Is Supplier
    Is Customer
    Default Currency
    Updated At
  • Contact Updated

    Triggers when a Contact is updated.

  • Create a Contact

    Creates a new Contact in the selected Sheet.

  • Update a Contact

    Updates the selected Contact.

  • Search Contacts

    Searches for Contacts in the selected Sheet and returns a list.


  • ID
    You can supply a Contact ID, or give an email or contact name. Note that if you supply a Contact email or name, it has to exactly match the one in Xero. If no contact is found, or more than one contact matches the supplied value, this will result in a runtime error.
    Due Date
    Invoice Number
    Currency Code
    Currency Rate
    Sent to Contact
    Expected Payment Date
    Planned Payment Date
    Sub Total
    Total Tax
    Total Discount
    Line Items
    Amount Due
    Amount Paid
    Fully Paid on Date
    Amount Credited
    Updated At
  • Invoice Updated

    Triggers when a Invoice is updated.

  • Create an Invoice

    Creates an Invoice

  • Update an Invoice

    Updates an Invoice

  • Search Invoices

    Searches for Invoices in the selected Sheet and returns a list.