Noti is tool allowing you to easily receive notifications from web applications directly on your desktop. No need to keep a web page open, just run our little app on your computer and you’ll be able to start receiving notifications from supported web applications.

notifications tier-2


  • ID
    The ID of the notification.
    The status of the notification.
    The title you wish to display for your notification.
    The text you wish to display with your notification.
    The URL to open if the notification is activated.
    The sound to play when the notification is displayed.
  • Send a Notification

    Sends a Noti notification.


  • Object Created

  • Object Updated

  • Add or Update Object

  • Delete Object

  • Get Object by ID

  • Search Bucket Object

Pipeline Objects

  • Save Pipeline Object

  • Get Pipeline Object by ID

  • Search Pipeline Objects

Pipeline Rows

  • Add a Row

  • Define Table

  • Download CSV

  • Search Pipeline Rows


  • ID
    Key One
    Key Two
    Order Key
  • Row Created

  • Row Updated

  • Create Row

  • Update Row

  • Delete Row

  • Create/Update Row

  • Look Up Row

  • Search Rows


  • ID
    Datetime Format
    Date Format
    Column Types
  • Create a Table

    Create a table for use in the Rows resource. You need to run this pipe only once in a scratch pipeline in order to define the table. Afterward you can delete the pipe and the pipeline.

  • Delete Table

  • Update Table

  • Look Up Table

  • Search Tables