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  • ID
    The unique ID of the board.
    The name of the board.
    Background Color
    The background color of the board.
    The URL of the board.
    Short URL
    The short URL of the board.
  • Create a Board

    Creates a new board.

  • Delete Board

  • Look Up a Board

  • Search Boards

    Lists boards applying the specified filters.


  • ID
    The unique ID of the list.
    The name of the list.
    The position of the list.
    Board ID
    The ID of the board the list belongs to.
  • Create a List

    Creates a new list in the given board.

  • Look Up a List

  • Search Lists

    Gets lists in the given board, applying optional filter conditions.


  • ID
    The unique ID of the card.
    The name of the card.
    The description of the card.
    Due Date
    The due date of the card.
    The position of the card (top, bottom, or a positive number).
    Updated At
    The date the card was last updated.
    Short URL
    Short ID
    The list of the card.
    Members of the card.
    Attachments Count
  • Card Created

    Triggers when a new card is created in the specified board.

  • Card Updated

    Triggers when a card is updated in the specified board.

  • Card Event

    Triggers on any card event in the specified board.

  • Label Changed

    Triggers when a label is added or removed to/from a card.

  • Membership Changed

    Triggers when a member is added or removed to/from a card.

  • Card Moved

    Triggers when a card is moved to a different list or board. Note that if a card is moved from one list to another list in the same board, previous_list attribute is set and previous_board attribute is empty. If a card is moved from another board, previous_board is set and previous_list is not.

  • Create a Card

    Creates a new card in the specified board and list.

  • Update a Card

    Updates an existing card.

  • Move a Card

    Moves a card to another another list, or a new position in a list.

  • Copy a Card

    Makes a copy of a card, optionally include checklist, labels, members, attachments, etc.

  • Subscribe to a Card

    Subscribes to a card to get notifications when something changes.

  • Unsubscribe from a Card

    Unsubsribes from card notifications.

  • Archive a Card

    Removes the specified card from a board (Archives it).

  • Send to Board (Unarchive)

    Sends a card back to a board (Unarchives it).

  • Delete a Card

    Deletes an existing card and all history associated with it.

  • Add Label

    Add a label to an existing card.

  • Move to Board

    Moves a card to another another board and list.

  • Remove Label

    Remove a label from an existing card.

  • Look Up a Card

  • Search Cards

    Lists cards in the given board and list, applying optional filter conditions.


  • Text
  • New Comment

    Triggers when a new comment is created in the given board.

  • Add a Comment

    Adds a new comment to the specified card.


  • ID
    Created At
    Mime Type
    Is Upload
  • New Attachment

    Triggers when a new attachment is added to a card in the specified board.

  • Add an Attachment

    Adds an attachment to the specified card.

  • Search Attachments