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  • ID
    The currency the customer can be charged in for recurring billing purposes.
    Account Balance
    Current balance, if any, being stored on the customer’s account. If negative, the customer has credit to apply to the next invoice. If positive, the customer has an amount owed that will be added to the next invoice. The balance does not refer to any unpaid invoices; it solely takes into account amounts that have yet to be successfully applied to any invoice. This balance is only taken into account for recurring billing purposes (i.e., subscriptions, invoices, invoice items)..
    Business Vat
    Created At
  • Customer Created

    Triggers whenever a new customer is created.

  • Customer Updated

    Triggers whenever any property of a customer changes.

  • Customer Deleted

    Triggers whenever a customer is deleted.

  • Create a Customer

    Creates a new Customer.

  • Update a Customer

    Updates the selected Customer.

  • Delete a Customer

    Deletes the selected Customer.

  • Search Customers

    Searches for Customers in the selected account and returns a list.


  • ID
    Whether charge was made in testing or production (true for production system).
    Amount charged in cents.
    Amount Refunded
    Amount in cents refunded (can be less than the amount attribute on the charge if a partial refund was issued).
    Created At
    Three-letter ISO currency code representing the currency in which the charge was made.
    A set of key/value pairs that you can attach to a charge object. It can be useful for storing additional information about the charge in a structured format.
    True if the charge succeeded, or was successfully authorized for later capture.
    Whether or not the charge has been fully refunded. If the charge is only partially refunded, this attribute will still be false.
    The status of the payment is either succeeded or failed.
    Application Fee
    The application fee (if any) for the charge. See the Connect documentation for details.
    Balance Transaction
    ID of the balance transaction that describes the impact of this charge on your account balance (not including refunds or disputes).
    ID of the customer this charge is for if one exists.
    The account (if any) the charge was made on behalf of. See the Connect documentation for details.
    Details about the dispute if the charge has been disputed.
    Failure Code
    Error code explaining reason for charge failure if available (see the errors section for a list of codes).
    Failure Message
    Message to user further explaining reason for charge failure if available.
    Fraud Details
    Hash with information on fraud assessments for the charge. Assessmentsreported by you have the key user_report and, if set, possible values of safeand fraudulent. Assessments from Stripe have the key stripe_report and, if set,the value fraudulent.
    ID of the invoice this charge is for if one exists.
    Receipt Email
    This is the email address that the receipt for this charge was sent to.
    Receipt Number
    This is the transaction number that appears on email receipts sent for this charge.
    Shipping information for the charge.
  • Charge Succedded

    Triggers on charge succeeded.

  • Charge Failed

    Triggers on charge failed.

  • Charge Captured

  • Charge Refunded

    Triggers on refund.

  • Charge Updated

    Triggers when a charge is updated.


  • ID
    Disputed amount. Usually the amount of the charge, but can differ (usually because of currency fluctuation or because only part of the order is disputed).
    The disputed charge.
    Created At
    Date dispute was opened.
    Three-letter ISO currency code representing the currency of the amount that was disputed.
    Evidence provided to respond to a dispute.
    Evidence Details
    Information about the evidence submission.
    Is Charge Refundable
    If true, it is still possible to refund the disputed payment. Once the payment has been fully refunded, no further funds will be withdrawn from your Stripe account as a result of this dispute.
    Whether this is a test system dispute (False for production).
    A set of key/value pairs that you can attach to a dispute object. It can be useful for storing additional information about the dispute in a structured format.
    Reason given by cardholder for dispute. Possible values are duplicate, fraudulent, subscription_canceled, product_unacceptable, product_not_received, unrecognized, credit_not_processed, general.
    Current status of dispute. Possible values are warning_needs_response, warning_under_review, warning_closed, needs_response, response_disabled, under_review, charge_refunded, won, lost.
  • Dispute Created

    Occurs when the dispute is resolved and the dispute status changes to won or lost.

  • Dispute Updated

    Occurs when the dispute is updated (usually with evidence).

  • Dispute Closed

    Occurs whenever a customer disputes a charge with their bank (chargeback).

  • Funds Reinstated

    Occurs when funds are reinstated to your account after a dispute is won.

  • Funds Withdrawn

    Occurs when funds are removed from your account due to a dispute.


  • ID
    The plan the customer is subscribed to.
    Possible values are trialing, active, past_due, canceled, or unpaid. A subscription still in its trial period is trialing and moves to active when the trial period is over. When payment to renew the subscription fails, the subscription becomes past_due. After Stripe has exhausted all payment retry attempts, the subscription ends up with a status of either canceled or unpaid depending on your retry settings..
    Tax Percent
    If provided, each invoice created by this subscription will apply the tax rate, increasing the amount billed to the customer..
    Describes the current discount applied to this subscription, if there is one. When billing, a discount applied to a subscription overrides a discount applied on a customer-wide basis..
    Application Fee Percent
    A positive decimal that represents the fee percentage of the subscription invoice amount that will be transferred to the application owner’s Stripe account each billing period.
    Cancel at Period End
    If the subscription has been canceled with the at_period_end flag set to true, cancel_at_period_end on the subscription will be true. You can use this attribute to determine whether a subscription that has a status of active is scheduled to be canceled at the end of the current period.
    Canceled At
    If the subscription has been canceled, the date of that cancellation. If the subscription was canceled with cancel_at_period_end, canceled_at will still reflect the date of the initial cancellation request, not the end of the subscription period when the subscription is automatically moved to a canceled state..
    Current Period Start
    Start of the current period that the subscription has been invoiced for.
    Current Period End
    End of the current period that the subscription has been invoiced for. At the end of this period, a new invoice will be created..
    Date the subscription started.
    Ended At
    If the subscription has ended (either because it was canceled or because the customer was switched to a subscription to a new plan), the date the subscription ended..
    A set of key/value pairs that you can attach to a subscription object. It can be useful for storing additional information about the subscription in a structured format..
    Trial Start
    If the subscription has a trial, the beginning of that trial.
    Trial End
    If the subscription has a trial, the end of that trial.
  • Subscription Created

    Triggers whenever a customer with no subscription is signed up for a plan.

  • Subscription Updated

    Triggers whenever a subscription changes. Examples would include switching from one plan to another, or switching status from trial to active.

  • Subscription Deleted

    Triggers whenever a customer ends their subscription.

  • Subscription Trial Ending

    Occurs three days before the trial period of a subscription is scheduled to end.

  • Search Active Subscriptions

    Searches for active subscription for a given customer