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Custom Objects

  • Create/Update a Custom Object

    Creates or Updates a Custom Object. In order to do an update, the object must match all the fields marked with “(dedupe)” and all fields marked with (relationship …). The dedupe and relatioship fields are also required.

  • Delete a Custom Object

  • Search Custom Objects


  • ID
    The Marketo ID of the lead.
    Created At
    The date the lead was created.
    Updated At
    The date the lead was last updated.
    First Name
    Last Name
  • Lead Created

    Triggers when a new Lead is created in the selected account.

  • Lead Updated

    Triggers when a Lead is updated in the selected account.

  • Create or Update a Lead

    Creates or Updates a Lead. Leads are matched by email, so if you want to update, make sure the email field matches the lead you want to update. You can use the Action option to force creation or update. If you specify Create Only and the lead already exists, Marketo will return an error. Similarly is you use the Update Only option, and the lead does NOT exist an error will be returned.

  • Delete a Lead

  • Add Lead to a List

    Adds the selected Lead to a List.

  • Remove Lead from a List

    Removes the selected Lead from a List.

  • Look Up a Lead

  • Search Leads

    Searches for Leads in the selected account and returns a list.

  • Search Leads in a List

    Searches for Leads in the selected List and returns a list of Leads.