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email-marketing tier-2


  • ID
    Email Address
    Email Type
    Type of email this subscriber asked to get (‘html’ or ‘text’)
    Subscriber’s current status (‘subscribed’, ‘unsubscribed’, ‘cleaned’, or ‘pending’)
    First Name
    Last Name
  • Subscriber Created

    Triggers on new Subscriber to the selected List

  • Subscriber Deleted

    Triggers when a Subscriber unsubscribes form the selected List

  • Subscribe User

    Subscribe a user to a List.

  • Update Subscriber

    Update a list subscriber.

  • Unsubscribe

    Unsubscribe a user from a List.

  • Look Up Subscriber

  • Search Subscribers

    Searches Subscribesrs to the selected List and returns a list of subscribers.

Email Events

  • Email Address
    Email address for a subscriber.
    One of the following actions: ‘open’, ‘click’, or ‘bounce’.
    Bounce Type
    If the action is a ‘click’, the URL on which the member clicked.
    The IP address recorded for the action.
    The unique ID for the list.
    The unique ID for the campaign.
    Email ID
    The list-specific ID for the given email address.
  • On Campaign Email Activity

    Triggers on new Email Event.

  • Search Email Events

    Searches the selected account for Email Events and returns a list.