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accounting tier-2 pre-release


  • Object Created

  • Object Updated

  • Add or Update Object

  • Delete Object

  • Get Object by ID

  • Search Bucket Object

Pipeline Objects

  • Save Pipeline Object

  • Get Pipeline Object by ID

  • Search Pipeline Objects

Pipeline Rows

  • Add a Row

  • Define Table

  • Download CSV

  • Search Pipeline Rows


  • ID
    Key One
    Key Two
    Order Key
  • Row Created

  • Row Updated

  • Create Row

  • Update Row

  • Delete Row

  • Create/Update Row

  • Look Up Row

  • Search Rows


  • ID
    Datetime Format
    Date Format
    Column Types
  • Create a Table

    Create a table for use in the Rows resource. You need to run this pipe only once in a scratch pipeline in order to define the table. Afterward you can delete the pipe and the pipeline.

  • Delete Table

  • Update Table

  • Look Up Table

  • Search Tables