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Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences.

productivity tier-1
data-enrichment tier-1


  • ID
    The subject of the note.
    The content of the note. Supports Markdown and ENML syntax.
    Content Raw
    A list of the tags applied to the note.
    Created At
    Updated At
  • Note Created

    Triggers when a new Note is created in the selected account.

  • Note Updated

    Triggers when a Note is updated in the selected account.

  • Note Event

    Triggers on any Note event in the specified board.

  • Create a Note

    Creates a new Note.

  • Search Notes

    Searches for Notes in the selected account and returns a list.


  • ID
  • Notebook Created

    Triggers when a new Notebook is created in the selected account.

  • Notebook Updated

    Triggers when a Notebook is updated in the selected account.

  • Create a Notebook

    Creates a new Notebook.

  • Search Notebooks

    Search for Notebooks.


  • Name
    Business/POI name.
    Address number and street name.
    Address Extended
    Additional address, incl. suite numbers.
    PO Box
    PO Box. As they do not represent the physical location of a brick-and-mortar store, PO Boxes are often excluded from mobile use cases.
    Locality (Town/City)
    City, town or equivalent.
    Region (State/Province)
    State, province, territory, or equivalent.
    Post Code
    Postcode or equivalent (zipcode in US)
    Authority page (official website)
    Latitude in decimal degrees (WGS84 datum). Value will not exceed 6 decimal places (0.111m)
    Longitude in decimal degrees (WGS84 datum). Value will not exceed 6 decimal places (0.111m)
    ISO 3166 2-letter code, or a country name spelled like the labels in the dropdown.
    Factual ID
    The Factual ID.
    Telephone number with local formatting.
    Fax number in local formatting.
    Primary contact email address of organization.
    Category Labels
    Category labels that describe the category branch or ‘breadcrumb’..
    Chain Name
    Label indicating which chain (brand or franchise) this entity is a member of. See here for more information on Factual Chains.
    The neighborhood(s) or other informal geography in which this entity is found.
    Post Town
    Town/place employed in postal addressing. May not reflect the formal geographic location of a place.
    Admin Region
    Additional sub-division. Usually, but not always, a country sub-division.
    Hours (Display)
  • Resolve a Place

    Resolves a Place.