This is a simple tutorial on how to build a pipeline with Cloudpipes.


Blueprints are pre-made pipelines that are ready to use. You just need to add them to your dashboard and configure your accounts for the relevant services.

Flow Control

Flow control allows you to implement logical conditions in the form of if-then-else blocks, loop over lists of items (for-each) and even forcibly stop the execution of a pipeline.


Linking is a feature that allows you to set a “link” between objects from two separate systems so that later on, on as needed basis, be able to “fetch” one of the linked objects knowing the other.


Pipelines that do not have a trigger, only actions in them can be started manually with the “play” button you will see next to the pipeline name on the dashboard or near the upper right corner while you are in the editor. You can also schedule a pipeline — have it execute automatically in defined intervals.