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Introducing Cloudpipes.

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Use cases

Customer Support

Earn customer loyalty by responding quickly with personalised support. Turn your customer base into your biggest champions with Cloudpipes.


Boost awareness and traffic immediately. Enhance campaign effectiveness by automating personalised social to CRM engagement in real time.


Win new customers and convert leads instead of filling out tedious forms. Reduce time spent on creating and updating CRM records so you can focus on closing.


Visual Designer

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful visual designer that lets you connect events, actions, queries and logic functions to automate workflows.

Powerful Templating

Harness the full power and flexibility of the Jinja template engine to create rich mapping. Jinja is designed to be secure, fast to write, easy to learn and provide powerful functionality such as loops, conditionals, filters and much more.

Advanced Logic

Conditional branching and iteration over collections are available for complex workflows. It’s as easy as connecting the blocks to build something unique that fits your needs.

In good company

Gartner Logo

Listed as a representative vendor in
Gartner’s Market Guide for Citizen Integrator Tools

We are using Cloudpipes to automate as many things on the operational level as we can, giving us a bit more time each day. We were using a competitor’s offering, and constantly felt that it’s too constrained with its simple single if-then concept.

Bruno Tedeschi, CEO at Mooveemate

Thanks for all your help with setting up those pipelines, Cloudpipes made creating the contact notes very easy.

Clay Sutton, Owner at LayLine Merchant Services

I love connecting things myself and this is super exciting for me, being able to connect seemingly unconnected parts of the Internet.

David Stockman, Marketing Manager at Solatube Global Marketing

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