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Rapidly implement workflows with our one-of-a-kind integration platform

The unique set of capabilities implemented within Cloudpipes makes it possible to rapidly implement a relevant set of business workflows that would be either time-consuming or impossible to implement in other systems. Take a look at some of Cloudpipes' unique features below.

Cloudpipes provides an easy to use, visual workflow designer-enabling you to create and execute complex integrations, without a single line of code.

150+ integrations

Simple yet powerful

Cloud powered

Fully documented

Professional Support

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With over 150+ application channels to choose from, including unique support for platforms such as Broadsoft, G Suite, HubSpot, Eloqua, and ServiceNow

Cloudpipes brings business agility into the realm of Enterprise integration. Our solution elegantly bridges the gap between custom applications deployed within your data centres and newly deployed SaaS applications. We do this at a transformational total cost of ownership.

Cloudpipes is helping global organisations connect their applications, improving how they work, innovate and evolve their operations.

Fault Tracking & Service Delivery

Keep multiple instances of the same system in sync e.g. multiple ServiceNow tenants deployed across geographic locations or across organisational boundaries.

Unified Communications Users

On completion of a call, Cloudpipes will enable the CRM system to be updated with a call transcription. A sentiment analysis of the transcription can then prompt follow-up action.

Application Migration Workflows

Support for complex workflows, e.g. the provision of the "for loops" coupled with advanced data manipulation allows bulk migration of data between disparate systems.

Automated User Onboarding

Cloudpipes delivers automated user on-boarding solutions across multiple disparate systems by ensuring the smooth implementation of profiles, users and related data to be provisioned or deleted.

Brand / Audience Sentiment Tracking

Stay ahead of the game by providing always-on, real-time automation that listens, tracks, translates and evaluates customer sentiment across a myriad of social media channels.

Automated Translation Service

Increasingly, online services enable customers to submit support requests directly. For a global audience, Cloudpipes enables normalisation of any inbound request into a single language.

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