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Rapidly implement workflows with our one-of-a-kind integration platform

The unique set of capabilities implemented within Cloudpipes makes it possible to rapidly implement a relevant set of business workflows that would be either time-consuming or impossible to implement in other systems. Take a look at some of Cloudpipes' unique features below.

Cloudpipes provides an easy to use, visual workflow designer-enabling you to create and execute complex integrations, without a single line of code.

150+ integrations

Simple yet powerful

Cloud powered

Fully documented

Professional Support

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With over 150+ application channels to choose from, including unique support for platforms such as Broadsoft, G Suite, HubSpot, Eloqua, and ServiceNow

Cloudpipes brings business agility into the realm of Enterprise integration. Our solution elegantly bridges the gap between custom applications deployed within your data centres and newly deployed SaaS applications. We do this at a transformational total cost of ownership.

Cloudpipes is helping global organisations connect their applications, improving how they work, innovate and evolve their operations.

Bidirectional CRM Integration

For customer data synchronization and call enrichment, empowering customer support and contact center agents to personalize omni-channel customer service with real-time context of the customer. Cloudpipes seamlessly synchronizes customer data and history, tracks calls, and allows building self-service routing workflows with integrations to leading CRM services such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zoho, SAP, Insightly, Infusionsoft, NetSuite, and others.

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is a very time-consuming manual repetitive task that we optimize significantly by automatically provisioning new employees in the company’s telephony systems, Active Directory, G Suite, Office 365 and/or any other system in use. Once a new employee is logged by the HR into Workday or Bamboo, a self-service workflow is triggers to efficiently and error-free take care of the provisioning.

Automatic Custom Reporting

Automatic custom reporting allows fetching and processing vast amounts of data on-demand or in pre-scheduled periods, to provide full detailed view of any sales, customer or organizational information in a structured visual presentation by any BI platform of choice: Tableau, Power BI or as a custom dashboard. The Cloudpipes agent powered by Google Cloud crunches data at lightning speed and automatically generates beautiful reports whenever needed.

Collaborative IT Support

Cloudpipes empowers the customer support agents by providing instant access to the company’s knowledge base and the ability to summon ad-hoc expert chat groups in Slack or Viber for decision-making support.

ITSM Automation

ITSM automation for frictionless synchronization between ServiceNow or 4me with Jira and CRM so there are no more siloed applications and the whole organization is on the same page. Incident management, Slack alerts and notifications for collaborative decision-making, ticketing and document lifecycle management, project management and approval process tracking - Cloudpipes automates the process and provides a holistic view with customizable dashboard for actionable insights.

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics for real-time and post-call sentiment analysis, to quickly categorize voice communications. automatically score them against any criteria and get immediate feedback for poor performance or compliance risk. The Cloudpipes workflow engine integrates with IBM Watson and Google Speech-to-Text for accurate call transcription and can trigger relevant actions to follow-up within any CRM.

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